Everything is data.

We try to understand our reality through data. We go beyond our reality with data. An unbelievable amount of independent digital universes process data to make it useful. The smallest sensor, the largest cloud - every digital universe has its own value.

What if we connect them?

A multiverse of utility and value beyond imagination will emerge.
This is the real metaverse. This is the Ariadne Anyverse.

About Ariadne Anyverse


We believe that people and organizations should have the control over their most important digital asset: their data.
They should utilize the power of their data on their own, so they gain the value they deserve.

To achieve this vision we build the smartest decentralized platform for organizing, processing and monetizing data streams -
driven by sovereign individuals and their digital data sources.

The Ariadne Anyverse is the backbone for the connection between countless digital parallel universes.
It adds unlimited possibilities to our reality.

Card which represents Data Sovereignty

Data Sovereignty

The key to unlimited value

In the growing Data Economy data is the most important digital asset. If you own your data, you utilize its power.

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Data Sovereignty is the foundation for the Data Economy. It ensures the ownership on data. Only with Data Sovereignty you can maximize the value of your data by deciding under what conditions it is used.

In order to not lose your Data Sovereignty it is absolutely important to reduce the amount of third-party entities getting in control over your data. Whenever you use a third-party cloud provider or a software storing your data on external databases you lose the sovereignty on your data. By using the Ariadne Anyverse you can distribute your data to every system you want to, without ever storing the data unencrypted on some third-party server. To perfectly protect the encryption, your encryption keys are never stored on any third-party server.

By using the Ariadne Anyverse, you will never again lose your Data Sovereignty.

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Card which represents Decentralized Architecture

Decentralized Architecture

The key to unlimited control

Your system, your rules. Use an interface that respects your rules and connect your system to countless other systems.

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The highest Data Sovereignty is achieved by storing your data only on devices you fully control physically and software-wise. Only then you can decide which data leaves the system. Only then you can be sure no unauthorized entity gets access to your encryption keys.

By using centralized cloud and storage solutions you have to trust them to secure their system. Data breaches, bad handling of privacy and misuse of data by centralized solutions are pretty common. Our vision for a secure and well-working Data Economy is clear: you keep your data on your device, the Ariadne Anyverse delivers the secure interface and the secure peer-to-peer connection to connect your device to the world.

With our decentralized architecture you will never again lose control over your data.

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Card which represents Programmable Data Streams

Programmable Data Streams

The key to unlimited flexibility

If you define which road under which condition your data streams take, your universe of usecases is infinite.

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Utility and value will emerge as soon as you use your data. Stored data is like a lake: a huge potential of energy. But only if data is streamed the energy is unleashed.

In the Ariadne Anyverse every data stream is programmable. Our interfaces deliver the ability to change data streams under custom conditions. You decide who has access to your data streams, how your data streams are monetized, what data your streams contain and how your data streams should be changed while propagating. The interfaces we provide between your system and others store these conditions and track the status of propagation of your data stream in relation to this conditions. Keep in mind: we never store your data, just the setup of your stream.

By chaining Ariadne Anyverse interfaces you get the most flexible data stream setup.

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Supporter & Partners


We are at the beginning of a journey to the multiverse of data. The Ariadne Anyverse is a huge vision, which combines smart concepts and smart technology to achieve utility and value for everyone. As our platform will be open for everyone, so our journey is. Together we will create a living ecosystem with endless individual stories to tell.

  • Phase 1


    Our tech-stack is the tech-stack of the future.
    We build plenty of proof-of-concepts to validate the paths we will take.

  • Phase 2


    Proof-of-concepts evolve to minimal-viable-products.
    Follow the journey to be the first who unlocks utility and value never seen before.

  • Phase 3

    Portal To Full Automation

    With our vision of automation we open the portal to the multiverse. It has never been easier to be part of the data economy - regardless of whether you are an individual or an organization

  • Phase 4

    Scale To Infinity

    Nothing can stop the fully automated and decentralized Ariadne Anyverse. Our architecture is ready for onboarding every usecase you can possibly imagine.

  • Phase 5

    The Data Economy Standard

    A thriving Data Economy needs standards.
    The Ariadne Anyverse delivers those standards for everyone.